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Permanent Placement FAQs

What are the benefits of using a recruiting firm to assist in a search?

Whether you are a physician or a mid-level, searching for a new position is time-consuming and has to be addressed in a professional manner. The right search firm will know the market for your services, the appropriate pay range, and the best way to present your strengths. In essence, the search firm is your advocate. Nationwide Locum Tenens, LLC is constantly working to identify the best providers available for its assignments and reaching out to clients to see who has open positions. Regardless of whether you are a provider or a client/employer, Nationwide Locum Tenens, LLC will work diligently to find a match for your situation. At Nationwide Locum Tenens, LLC, we do not fill positions just to fill an open spot. We work hard to make sure the desires and needs of the provider are a good fit for those of the client. We view every permanent search assignment as the start of a long-term relationship with the provider and the client. Nationwide Locum Tenens, LLC can fulfill your search needs anywhere in the United States and we are ready to work for you. Also, remember that the provider never pays for our services.

Why use Nationwide Locum Tenens, LLC for your search?

Our professional placement agents work with providers and clients on a confidential basis to assess your needs and desires on an individual basis. Whether you are a provider or a client, Nationwide Locum Tenens, LLC will not disclose your confidential information to anyone without your approval. We will then search our vast database to find the best match or candidate for the situation. Nationwide Locum Tenens, LLC's professionals are also constantly acquiring more clients and providers, so the search is an ongoing process and always brings new opportunities. Nationwide Locum Tenens, LLC also offers specialized services on request and all services are free to all providers.

Do employers use Nationwide Locum Tenens, LLC?

Yes. Whether it is a hospital or a practice group, recruiting and interviewing candidates is time-consuming and costly. By using Nationwide Locum Tenens, LLC, the client only pays upon success in most cases, so using a staffing firm such as Nationwide Locum Tenens, LLC provides efficiency to the client. The client knows it is not worth the staffing firm's time to present candidates that do not meet the criteria, but there is a string economic incentive to find qualified candidates. This model serves both the client and the provider well.

How do I get started with Nationwide Locum Tenens, LLC?

Call us at 877-583-6367 or email us at and one of our professionals will go through an initial interview with you to discuss your particular situation on a confidential basis. We will then work to match you with the best opportunity for you. You control the process and you make the final decision. It is your career and future. Nationwide Locum Tenens, LLC is just here to make it better for you.

How does using a staffing company effect my salary?

It has no effect on salary. Clients use staffing firms to save them money in the long run and reap the benefits of a broad sophisticated search. Hiring a provider is a long-term commitment and the cost of the search fee is insignificant to finding the correct provider to hire. Nationwide Locum Tenens, LLC's fees are competitive with the market and are fair for the effort and time we put into working with you and developing our list of clients.

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